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Bords et défauts de matériaux 2D : nano-spectroscopie TERSAxe 4 - Dimensionnalité et confinement

Axe 4 - Dimensionnalité et confinement

Projets de post-doctorat de Johan Biscaras

Mené du 1er février 2014 au 31 juillet 2015

Laboratoires co-porteurs


We study the properties of 2D materials like graphene and ultra-thin films of layered semi-condcutors (e.g. : MoS2, InSe,... ) that we fabricate with our original technique of electrostatic bonding to a glass substrate. We modify the transport properties of these materials by tuning the electrostatic doping induced by the substrate.
The large range of doping accessible by this technique allows to induce phase transitions in the 2D material (insulator to metallic, and metallic to superconductor).Another part of this Axe 4 - Dimensionnalité et confinementproject is the developpement of superresolved
Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) to study edge states and defects (intrinsinc or electrochemically induced in collaboration with E. Maisonhaute and I. Lucas from LISE lab) of these 2D materials.

Publications (soumises)

  • A High performance graphene/few-layer InSe photo-detector
    Zhesheng Chen, Johan Biscaras and Abhay Shukla. Nanoscale 7, 5981 (2015)
  • Space charge doped graphene: a high performance transparent conducting electrode on a glass substrate
    Andrea Paradisi, Johan Biscaras, Abhay Shukla (submitted)


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