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MATériaux, InterfaceS, Surfaces, Environnement

Conception et mise en œuvre de nouveaux systèmes pour la nanofluidique : études expérimentales et théoriques

Axe 3 - Interfaces, transport and reactivity

Thèse de Davide Raffaele Ceratti

Soutenue le 30 septembre 2015
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris

Laboratoires co-porteurs


The aim of my project is to develop a low-cost bottom-up based lab-on-a-chip nanofluidic device for biomedical or analysis applications. Common researches try to create such kind of devices by realizing high-cost top-down (ebeam lithography in example) nanochannels. In this thesis much cheaper bottom-up nanoporous materials are analyzed. Fundamental aspects of nanofluidics have to be studied in these materials in order to fully exploit their potentiality. A final step of coupling with microfluidic channels is performed in order to allow connecting this device with previously studied microfluidic circuitry. Capillarity and electro-osmosis in these materials are studied and analyzed as the driving forces for separations in the device both experimentally and computationally. The diffusion of species (without and with an electric field) is studied experimentally and then simulated through Stochastic Rotation Dynamics.


  • Davide Raffaele Ceratti et al. Advanced Materials (submitted).
  • Davide Raffaele Ceratti et al. Molecular Physics (accepted)
  • Davide Raffaele Ceratti et al. Nanoscale 02/2015; 7(12).
  • Mickael Boudot, Davide R Ceratti et al . The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 09/2014; 118(41)
  • Marco Faustini, Davide R Ceratti et al. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 08/2014; 6(19) ! Oral Hybrid materials conference Sitges - 2015


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