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MATerials, Interfaces, Surfaces, Environment


MATISSE, a highly structured scientific project

MATISSE relies on some of the most prestigious French research teams in chemistry, physics, and Earth sciences around transdisciplinary projects in materials science.


The members of MATISSE share a common ambition: to develop multidisciplinary projects, through the financial support of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists.

Since its start in 2011, MATISSE launched 9 calls for proposals to support 110 collaborative research projects between two MATISSE teams, with almost 30% which were truly interdisciplinary and some with an industrial partnership. So far, these projects led to the publication more than 200 scientific articles.

MATISSE was actively involved in the co-financing of 14 projects to provide the community with advanced equipment.

MATISSE also supports the hosting of invited researchers and professors as well as the organization of scientific events.


Traductions :

Key figures


4 disciplines

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Cultural heritage

18 partners


400 researchers


Direction :

Florence Babonneau

Administration :

Laurence Bonnet-Lericque

Communication :



matisse @ upmc.fr

Tél. (33) 1 44 27 62 36