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Probing warm dense fluids of planetary interest by Brillouin and Raman spectroscopies in the laser heated diamond anvil cell

Axe 5 - Matériaux en conditions extrêmes

Post-doctorat de Bastien Guigue

Travaux de recherche de l'APP 2019.

Laboratoires partenaires

Présentation du projet

This project aims at probing the warm dense fluid phase of some main constituents of giant and telluric planets, by taking advantage of the recent development of a dedicated Brillouin and Raman setup for the study of materials under extreme P-T. The warm and dense fluid state comprise a large amount of condensed matter in our universe, and yet, its experimental characterization remains sparse due to challenging technical issues. One of the most important input for modelling planetary interiors is the thermal equation of state (EOS) P(V,T), which for fluids can be obtained by thermodynamic integration of the sound velocity. The latter can be determined through Brillouin spectroscopy, while simultaneous Raman spectroscopy can be used to characterize the chemical composition and pressure. The postdoctoral fellow will conduct experiments on (1) H 2 O, NH 3 and CHNO mixtures, (2) CO 2 melt, and (3) molten basalts and silicates.


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