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Nanostructures à propriétés optiques et thermiques pour l'élaboration de Nanothermomètres

Axe 2 - Matériaux multifonctionnels et environnement

Thèse de Estelle Glais

Travail de recherche commencé le 1er octobre 2015.

Soutenance le 18 octobre 2018 à 14h
Amphithéâtre Herpin
Campus  Pierre et Marie Curie
Sorbonne Université - Paris 5

Laboratoires co-porteurs

Projet de recherche

The study of the variation of luminescent properties with temperature is one of the promising way to measure temperature. Recent studies showed that luminescent nanomaterials allow a local and contactless temperature determination. This could be very useful in many applications like medicine, aeronautic, and marine or in the understanding of catalytic mechanism. ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ is a potential nanothermometer because of its high sensitivity on a large temperature range. Indeed, the luminescence lifetime is drastically dependent on temperature since the 4T2 and 2E emitted levels are in thermal equilibrium. In this study, we firstly optimized the luminescence properties of 10 nm in diameter nanoparticles with the aim of improving their capability as thermal nanosensor. In order to generate a local temperature increase, gold nanorods are then synthetized. Under an appropriate excitation, such gold nanoparticles may induce a heating due to their plasmonic properties. Once the calibration of the nanosensor is effective and the heat generation is highlighted by thermal camera pictures, both nanoheaters and nanothermometers were introduced in the same medium. The variation of the optical nanosensor response is promising. Thus this coupled system is considered as a potential candidate for hyperthermia treatments with a precise and controlled temperature.

Prix et récompenses


  • Ivica Vujčić, Estelle Glais, Katarina Vukovića, Milica Sekulića, Slobodan Mašića, Corinne Chanéacc, Miroslav D. Dramićanina, Bruno Vianab
    Radiation effects, photoluminescence and radioluminescence of Eu-doped (Y0.7Gd0.3)2O3 nanoparticles with various sizes
    Optical Materials 86 (2018) 582–589 0925-3467/  2018
    DOI : 10.1016/j.optmat.2018.10.049
  • submitted, 2018
    E. Glais, M. Pellerin, D. Alloyeau, N.Touati, B. Viana, C. Chanéac
    Luminescence properties of ZnGa2O4:Cr3+, Bi3+ nanophosphors for thermometry applications
  • M. Pellerin, E. Glais, T. Lecuyer, J. Xu, J. Seguin, S. Tanabe, C. Chanéac, B. Viana, C. Richard
    LaAlO3:Cr3+, Sm3+: nano-perovskite with persistent luminescence for in vivo optical imaging
    Journal of Luminescence 202, 2018
  • E. Glais, V. Đorđević, J. Papanc, B. Viana, M. Dramićanin
    MgTiO3:Mn4+ a Multi-reading Temperature Nanoprobe

    RSC advances 8 (33) 18341-18346, 2018
    Ref HAL : hal-01829935
  • S. Lukić-Petrović, V. Ðordevic, K. Vuković, E. Glais, B. Viana, M. Dramicanin
    Luminescence temperature sensing in visible and NIR spectral range using Dy3+ and Nd3+ doped YNbO4
    Sensors and actuators A, 270, 89-96, 2017
  • V Đorđević, MG Brik, AM Srivastava, M Medić, P Vulić, E. Glais, B. Viana, M. Dramicanin
    Luminescence of Mn4+ ions in CaTiO3 and MgTiO3 perovskites: Relationship of experimental spectroscopic data and crystal field calculations
    Optical Materials ,74, 46-51, 2017
  • S. K. Sharma, E. Glais, M. Pellerin, C. Chaneac, B. Viana.
    Temperature sensing using a Cr:ZnGa2O4 new phosphor Oxide-based
    Materials and Devices VII, Feb 2016, San Francisco, Californie, United States. pp.9749-67, 2016,
    DOI : 10.1117/12.2219990
    Ref HAL : hal-01492714v1

Présentation de Poster

  • International conference on Optical Materials and devices (ICOM), Luminescence properties investigation of MgTiO3:Mn4+ for nanothermometry, Igalo, Monténégro, Août 2018
  • Physical and Chemical principles in Material Science (PCPMS) summer school , Codoping effect on ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ optical properties for nanothermometry, Nanjing, Chine, Juillet 2018
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  • International Conference on dynamical processes in excited states of solids (DPC), ZnGa2O4:Cr and ZnGa2O4:Cr,Bi as new temperature sensing phosphors, Paris, France Juillet 2016
  • Ecole résidenctielle C Nano, Luminescence thermometry using ZnGa2O4:Cr3+,Bi3+ nanophosphors, Etiolles, France, juin 2016 

Présentations orales

  • International Conference on the physics of Optical Materials and devices (ICOM 2018), Coupling ZnGa2O4:Cr3+,Bi3+ luminescent nanothermometer and gold nanorods heater for local temperature measurement, Igalo, Monténégro, Août 2018
  • International Conference Gold 2018 , Quantification of heat induced by plasmonic gold nanorods using a ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ luminescent nanothermometer, Paris, France, Juillet 2018
  • International Conference on Luminescence (ICL), Local Temperature measurement using a ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ fluorescent nanothermometer, Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Août 2017


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