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Les professeurs invités en 2015

Melinda J. Duer (2015, invited at LCMCP)

Position : Reader in Biological and Biomedical Chemistry-Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Main areas of interests : Understanding the atomic structures of tissues, in particular musculoskeletal tissues such as bone and cartilage, and vascular tissue, with the aims of understanding both physiological and pathological processes in terms of the molecular structures actually involved in processes such as development of collagenous tissues, bone mineralization and the changes in tissues associated with ageing. Pathological processes  (but not exclusively) : vascular and kidney calcification, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Karl Syassen (2015, invited at IMPMC)

Max Planck Institute Stuttgart






Yanbin Wang (2015, invited by IMPMC)

Current Appointment Status: Senior Scientist Center for Advanced Radiation Sources, the University of Chicago (since 2009)
Academic Record:Peking University, Beijing, China
1978 -1982 B. S., Geophysics, 1982Peking University, Beijing, China,
1982 –1984 Dept Geophysics, Graduate programState University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 1985 –1991 Ph. D.,  Geophysics/Mineral Physics, 1991 (Advisor: Robert C. Liebermann).


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