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Rashba Crystal Engineering for spintronics (RACE)

Axe 4 - Dimensionnalité et confinement

Thèse de Hancheng YANG

Projet de recherche commencé le 1er octobre 2016. Thèse environnée par MATISSE.

Laboratoires co-porteurs

Projet de recherche

The scientific objective of the present project is to provide an unambiguous test of the intrinsic spin Hall effect (ISHE) in the quasi-2D semimetal BaNiS2. The scientific relevance of this goal resides in the great potential of creating, manipulating and measuring spin - instead of charge - currents in the context of future spintronics applications. Our motivation is the highly controversial debate on the experimental observation of the ISHE as well as on the theoretical description of the conditions under which this effect could be observed and controlled. The challenge is to discriminate experimentally the intrinsic contribution - if any - to the spin current from an extrinsic contribution caused by impurity scattering, almost unavoidable in real materials, and to establish theoretically whether the effect can be observed in the steady-state regime.



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