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Fabrication and characterisation of strain-free GaAs/AlAs quantum dot devices

Axe 4 - Dimensionnalité et confinement

Thèse de Valerio PASQUALI

Soutenue le vendredi 8 Septembre 2017 à 14h
Salle 317
INSP Tour 22-23
Jussieu Paris

Laboratoire co-porteur

Projet de recherche

In this talk, I present the fabrication by molecular beam epitaxy of strain-free GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots (QDs) by infilling in-situ etched nanoholes.

After describing the process, I discuss how this QDs have been embedded in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) heterostructure. The effect of the QDs on the 2DEG mobility will be discussed by comparing the magneto-transport measurements of the QD-2DEG sample with reference samples without QDs grown with similar conditions.

Finally, I show the fabrication and characterisation of a lateral p-n junction with embedded QDs by locally inverting the n-type dopant (Silicon) with a p-type dopant (Zn). In particular, I will show the main result of this project, which is the elecotroluminescence of a single dot in proximity of the lateral p-n junction.



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