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MRI study of alumina support impregnation by aqueous, metal salt solutions

Axe 3 - Interfaces, transport et réactivité

Post-doctorat de Agnieszka Nowacka

Projet mené du 15/09/2014 au 14/03/2016.

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Laboratoires co-porteurs

Projet de recherche

An improved performance and refining of heterogeneous catalysts are major challenges, especially for their application to non-fossil resources. Among the technical and scientific challenges identified, understanding the phenomena occurring on the inner surface of the oxide supports during the dry impregnation step is essential. The aim of this study is to rationalize the role of the media (porosity, texture, connectivity) on phenomena such as the spread of species during impregnation. This is to be done by MRI in situ study of the impregnation of metal salts in alumina supports. Technique optimization, in terms of resolution and signal-to-noise (S / N), is planned in order to establish the conditions for a quantitative analysis of the images.

Résultats scientifique

An improved experimental routine has benne established, that is permitting better comparison of the obtained results. The results previously obtained on the project and wrote an article (now submitted to an international journal) have been confirmed. The results are pertinent to catalyst preparation process. A matLab code for data analysis has been written. The LCMCP and IFP Energies Nouvelles are working on other methods of data analysis.


Présentation orale et poster

  • EUROMAR 2015 (poster)


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