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MATériaux, InterfaceS, Surfaces, Environnement

Sound wave propagation and thermal relaxation in Fe and Fe-alloys at extreme conditions

Axe 5 - Matériaux en conditions extrêmes

Thèse d'Eric Edmund

Projet de recherche commencé le 1er octobre 2015


Résumé du projet

The aim of this project is to apply picosecond ultrasonic technique in combination to diamond anvil cell to probe sound wave propagation and thermal decays of metallic samples at extreme thermodynamic conditions. While the developed technique and methodology will have a large range of applications, as first scientific case, we intend to provide experimental data to better constrain the nature and constitution of the Earth’s solid inner core, and of the cores of telluric planets more in general. Accordingly, the focus of this study will be the determination of sound velocity and thermal diffusivity in iron and iron alloys, the main constituents of telluric planetary cores, at relevant pressure and temperature conditions.


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